Film Submissions

Twenty Twenty-four (2024) marks the 7th year for the Rhode Island Black Film Festival (April 4-7, 2024). The call for feature, short and documentary films is now open! Submissions end December 31ST, 2023, submit through, or through the festival’s website,

The RIBFF acts as a bridge to connect industry professionals and those upcoming talents with entertainment, education and empowerment.

Submissions to the 2024 Rhode Island Black Film Festival are now open for consideration for the following categories:

You may click the button below to begin the application process.

Submissions begin
October 1 2023   

Early Bird Deadline
October  16, 2023 

Regular Deadline 
November 27, 2023.

Late Deadline
December 8, 2023

Extended Deadline
December 29, 2023

March 8, 2024

Event Date
April 23 – 27 2024