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Three Women

Three Women is a compelling portrait of three creative, contemporary African-American women friends from the South Side of Chicago. The film explores their current creative pursuits, interspersed with their perspectives on growing up in segregated communities and how racism affected their families.

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Director’s Statement

Three Women began as a short film project about the recent creative activities of three long-time friends who grew up on the South Side of Chicago, IL. After a single conversation that I documented, Linda, Beth, and Gail revealed an interconnecting narrative about their complex racial identities, roles in the African-American legacy, and deep friendship that has spanned several decades. In the following two years of production, I was compelled to tell their stories by a need to do justice to them, which in turn awakened a desire to unearth the legacy of my own ancestors. In a time in American history when we routinely emphasize our differences, I want to invite the audience to find themselves in Three Women.